Jasa Raharja Dorong Generasi Muda Aktif Cegah Laka Lalin

JABARTRUST.COM, JAKARTA – Jasa Raharja continues to encourage the public, especially the younger generation of Indonesia, to participate in efforts to prevent traffic accidents. This collaboration is important to accelerate the government’s goal of reducing road accidents.

Main Director of Jasa Raharja Rivan A. Purwantono said that Jasa Raharja’s efforts to embrace the younger generation in accident prevention programs have been carried out a lot. Apart from forming a community of orderly traffic, the Road Safety Innovation (JR-Rovation) competition was also carried out some time ago.

“JR-Rovation is one of Jasa Raharja’s efforts to accommodate and invite the younger generation, especially students, to be actively involved in traffic accident prevention campaigns,” said Rivan in Jakarta, Friday (2/12/2022).

JR-Rovation, said Rivan, is not just a competition event, because the innovations and various ideas generated from the event can later be used by Jasa Raharja and related agencies to support accident prevention programs. “Of course their works, both in the form of tools and programs, can be implemented as a support for the authorities in tackling traffic accidents,” he said.

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Rivan said that the younger generation, as the nation’s successor, has an important role in various aspects of national development, including the handling of traffic accidents. Moreover, he continued, the number of traffic accidents in Indonesia, mostly involving productive age, namely 15-24 years. “That’s why the younger generation is our main focus in carrying out various traffic accident prevention programs,” said Rivan.

Rivan hopes that with the active role of the younger generation, Jasa Raharja’s various efforts to deal with traffic accidents can become more massive. Thus, providing a significant positive impact in reducing the number of traffic accidents and road transport in Indonesia. “I congratulate the winners of this year’s JR-Rovation and I hope that more will be involved in organizing the next event,” said Rivan.

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